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Deer Hunting Outfitters and Hunting Guides
in Maine

Deer hunting in Maine is known for many different things. The good side is heavy bodies many over the 200 pound mark and large racks to top them off. The remote almost endless woods with light hunting pressure. But on the down side it also can be tough hunting if you don’t know the area.
The area around my camps is no different there are a few very large deer taken every year, but in all honesty the majority of deer are spikes 4 and 6 pointers. What I can say is most hunters over the last 2 years have seen a buck while staying here.

Deer hunting has different meaning for every hunter, some want to bring home some venison, a trophy rack is what others are after, some for the experience of hunting in Maine. Give me a call or send an e-mail, I don’t want you to come here and be disappointed, so lets discuss the possibilities of what your looking for

Guided Deer Hunts

I offer guided Maine deer hunts for bow and rifle, which is a stand hunt I have stands and blinds, located on deer trails scrape lines and rub lines. I will bring you out before day light check on you around noon time at which time we may move to another location if I feel there is a better chance, At dusk I will pick you up at your stand. In the past I have done still-hunting and tracking with my hunters, but in my experiences this is the hardest way to put a tag on a deer. We may see more deer this way but most often the deer are moving through the thick woods, and rarely provided a shot.


Click here to purchase your whitetail deer hunting license for Maine online.