How The Martingale Strategy Works

It is a system of progressive bets in a negative way ; the player must increase his bet when he loses on a spin, and decrease it when he wins. t is a very easy system to learn and simple to put into practice, hence its popularity.

To implement the Martingale Strategy, the player must double the amount of his bet when he loses on a spin. And you will need to go back to the starting amount of the bet when you win on another spin. This with the aim of helping the player to recover the lost money ; and also obtaining a small profit. Winning and resuming your ante will help you protect your winnings.

In order to implement this strategy, the player must know that there is a theory that establishes a low probability that any player will obtain numerous consecutive losing bets. But nevertheless, the probability exists, however low it may be. This is why you should implement a method like the Martingale roulette strategy to protect your gaming budget .

Example of using the strategy

To better understand the Martingale Strategy, let’s take an example. An online roulette player bets 1 euro that the winning number will be black.

If the player wins the bet, on the next spin, he must return to his initial bet; therefore he must bet 1 euro on black again. If this time you lose, on the next spin you must double your bet and therefore you must bet 2 euros on black. In case of losing again, in the next spin you must double your bet on black again, and therefore place 4 euros. If he loses again, he would already be adding a total of 7 euros lost. On the next spin, you need to double your € 4 bet and thus bet € 8 on black. If you win, you will get a prize of 8 euros, with which you will recover the 7 euros lost and obtain 1 euro of profit. But, if you lose, you need to keep increasing your bet until you get a winning spin and can get your bets back.

Advantages of the Martingale strategy

The Martingale Strategy offers real money roulette players some advantages that we will mention below:

  • This roulette strategy can be used in the different versions of roulette ; both European roulette, American roulette and French roulette, since the bets that are placed are external.
  • The Martingale roulette strategy seeks to benefit the player by helping them at some point in the game to recover the lost money.
  • Its results can be obtained in the short term ; although it will always depend on the streak that the player has and the number of times she loses during the game.

Disadvantages of this casino strategy

The Martingale Strategy is very easy to implement and can be very beneficial for the player. But it also has some disadvantages and limitations that can affect the player. And it is that there is no perfect strategy.

  • Since roulette is an online casino game of chance, it is very difficult to predict how the game will behave. Because of this, a player can have losing and winning streaks that he cannot predict. Taking this into account, it is necessary for a player to have a high gaming budget to be able to support the bets he must place. Whereas every time you lose a round, you must double your bet.
  • Also, another downside to using the Martingale Strategy is that if the player is not betting on high-stakes roulette or high-rollers, online casinos generally set betting limits at the tables . For outside bets, a generally established betting limit is 900 euros. This means that with this Martingale strategy and starting with a bet of 1 euro, only up to 11 results can be given.

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