How The Reverse Martingale Strategy Works

The Reverse Martingale Strategy operates in a manner contrary to its counterpart, the Martingale Strategy. Both are progressive betting methods when you win and lose; but the Martingale is a negative progression, while the Reverse Martingale is a positive progression . Therefore, it is based on doubling the bet when you win on a spin, and restarting the initial bet when you lose.

Example of using this strategy

Suppose that at an online roulette table , a player wants to use the Reverse Martingale Strategy. Place a 1 euro bet on the color red. If you lose on that spin, you will have to bet 1 euro again in the next round, also on red. On the other hand, if you win this round, then you must double your bet; therefore you must now bet 2 euros.

If you win again in that round, for the next round you must double your bet again; That is to say, bet 4 euros. And so on until you lose again, in which case you will have to bet 1 euro again. With a good winning streak and betting 1 euro at the beginning of the game, the progression of bets to place is 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 356, etc.

Advantages of the Reverse Martingale strategy

The Reverse Martingale Strategy, like any other roulette strategy or system , offers the player certain advantages for which he should put it into practice. These advantages will be more effective if the player uses this strategy at roulette tables with very wide betting limits . That is, the minimum bet is really very low, and the maximum is considerably high. In this way, you can enjoy considerable game time. If the minimum bet is not very low and the maximum is not very high, when the player wins just a few rounds, they will have reached the betting limit very quickly.

Now, going back to the advantages of this strategy, these are some of the ones it offers:

  • One of the main advantages of the Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy is that they help the player to take advantage of their winning streaks . In addition to being a system that does not require great experience or skill to put it into practice.
  • We can use it in other games, such as craps .

Disadvantages of this casino strategy

Just as the Reverse Martingale Strategy has some advantages for its players, it also has certain disadvantages . Players should consider them when choosing this betting method. For example:

  • The player requires a very high gaming budget . Because if the player goes through a winning streak, it will require a lot of money to sustain the bets.
  • Also, game time can be limited as well. Because if the player has a losing streak during the game, they can quickly end the gaming budget. Whereas, if you win multiple rounds in a row with the Reverse Martingale, you may soon be able to reach the maximum betting limit on the game table.

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